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Supply of Energy to Albania

Dec 2014

Energy Europe has won a contract to supply Slovak electricity to Albania during 2015.

Image by Severin Demchuk

Focus on Wholesale Energy and Gas trading

May 2018

Energy Europe has focused on wholesale and trading activities of selling electricity and gas. 

Large two to three year contracts were signed securing positive financial cashflow for the company over the next 3 years.

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Purchase of know-how for High Temperature Disposal Device

Jul 2019

Energy Europe has purchased the know-how and design of High Temperature Disposal device form the University of Milan. 
This prototype will be tested in Koseci (Slovakia) with an aim to develop a commercially attractive mobile unit intended for the disposal of hazardous and infectious waste from hospitals and medical facilities.
The company has committed over 1m euro into this project.


New Research & Development facilities

Jun 2020

Energy Europe has secured a new Research and Development facility in IIava, Slovakia

This will be a huge step into developing High Temperature Disposal units for hazardous and dangerous waste. 

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Planning Permission granted for 6 x 1MW Biogas, Kocelevo, Serbia

Aug 2020

Kocelevo (Serbia) has granted permission to build 6 x 1MW electricity plants generating energy from biogas. This type of project is one of the largest biogas complex in Serbia. Energy Europe has been chosen as the main technology supplier.

News & Updates: News & Updates
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