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Disposal of Dangerous and Infectious Waste

2018 - 2025

We develop mobile waste disposal solutions that cogenerate energy and are adaptable to accommodate projects
The SWM device is primarily intended for the disposal of hazardous and infectious waste from hospitals and medical facilities by a thermal process. The device consists of a reactor with an automated burner, further includes dosing and neutralization device, cyclone system, cooling and exchanger system, carbon emission system, exhaust and chimney system, electronic control system, measurement and regulation, safety system and safety elements. The device meets the environmental and technical criteria for NO disposal, namely an operating temperature of 1100 ° C and a temperature endurance of 2 seconds. In the technological process, catalysts are imported into the generated flue gases, which ensure elimination and extraction of emissions and solid particles in the process. Technical and process waste passes through the heating, drying, gasification, combustion and combustion phases in the grate reactor. The temperature in the combustion chamber of the reactor is around 1100 ° C. The product, after incineration of waste, slag, falls into the lower discharge. Subsequently, after filling, it is extinguished and cooled, and it is transported to the slag container via the hopper. The amount of gas and combustion air is automatically controlled by frequency converters of the respective fans by means of an automated burner with an output of 110 kW. The combustion medium is modifiable natural gas or propane-butane, or liquid combustion media. Sufficient combustion space and optimized combustion air and recirculating flue gas inlets are the primary measures to reduce CO and NOx and TOC emissions

Disposal of Dangerous and Infectious Waste: Projects
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